Connecting people behind the hashtags together.

Sharing Social London started as a regular monthly event set up in May 2018 by two ambitious social media types at London based digital marketing agency, Base Creative. Rebecca Holloway (@beccasocial) and Iain Scott (@iaingscott) had an idea; let’s connect like-minded savvy (and savvy to be) social media people together in real life. To share insights, knowledge and experience in a safe environment. And to bring the networking back to social networking.

For 2 years, we met each month and our community grew. In April 2020, we moved online through lockdown, and evolved to a monthly podcast in November of the same year. 

We hope to bring back the monthly events to run in tandem with the podcast.

Online events
Event Participants

Background of our monthly events

In a room that really only fit 15, we squeezed 30 people together over brunch, and got the social sharing started.

Each month, we grew considerably, and within the past 15 months we’ve connected with nearly 300 people behind the hashtags together in real life, and have welcomed over 30 speakers to our stage.

During this time, Sharing Social London has delved into various stories of success in our members’ campaigns. We’ve looked at what to expect in the future of social media, gone through plans of how to salvage a campaign when something goes wrong, personal branding, community management, video marketing, AI and many more key topics.

We aim to keep our community informed with the latest and offer them a chance to share their knowledge up on stage. In every session, we look at each social media platform and discuss successes and failures, and how to utlise it effectively in a range of different scenarios.

We operate a loyatly scheme each month, where regular and dedicated attendees who collect 4 stamps become Founding Members. Our event (including our big events) will always be free to Founding Members.

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