April’s ONLINE Meetup

Connecting the people behind the hashtags together ONLINE! 

Join us for our first online meetup on Thursday 23rd April @ 10.30am

Our favourite thing to do is meet up with our Sharing Social London community face to face, but since that’s not an option right now, we’re taking things online.

This isn't just your usual webinar.

We’re sure that you’ve attended lots of webinars over the past few weeks (as have we) but we’ve felt like there’s always something missing. The human interaction.

Sign up to our online meet-up where you’ll be able to see not just the hosts & speakers, but attendees too! If you want to, of course. Webcam optional. Totally understand if you’d rather chill secretly in your PJs.

We're doing this to keep our community connected.

As a speaker, it can feel a little disconcerting speaking out to what feels like an empty void, so this way we’ll be able to create an experience which is as close to the face to face meet-ups as possible. You’ll have a chance to interact with speakers & attendees, giving you that much-needed face to face fix we all need right now.

Two talks plus a Q&A, panel style.

To kick off this new format, we’ve got some of the best speakers in the house lined up for you. William Bonaddio and Ray Hunwicks, will be sharing talks on social media during this time, looking at how they’ve adapted their strategies, plus, we’ll have Andy Lambert joining us too for our panel section. Our virtual stage is going to be 🔥

How do I watch?

Sign up here! When you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email & link to join our meeting on Zoom, everyone’s second home right now. Please make sure you click the link, otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the fun!

Sounds exciting, I'm in!

Amazing! Sit back and relax until showtime. We suggest you put five minutes aside beforehand to make yourself a cuppa and grab a few biscuits. We’ll definitely be munching.